Phobia Print Series


phobia exhibitionA series of A2 prints by our graphic design genius Harry Lee, exploring the theme of Phobia’s.

These prints were shown at the Triangle Gallery at Chelsea University of Art & Design in London, during summer of 2013 and won The Best 2D in Show!


The fear of rain. This is usually associated with illness, therefore using a virus shape, which also resembles a mine. The colour choice was obvious as ombrophobia is also linked to the depression of a grey day.



The fear of light. The poster shows the manipulation of a beam of light into a squinting eye. Again, yellow is the colour most associated with light, and purple is it’s complimentary colour.



The fear of electricity. The arrows taken from electricity warning signs make up a light switch in the off position. People affected with electrophobia will in extreme cases refuse to operate any electrical equipment. The colour choice is suitably electric blue, with it’s complementary colour orange; also a colour of danger.



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March 20, 2013